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The Indian online share market is one of today’s most promising equity markets. Not many people may know about the investment opportunities they can enjoy in the Indian market. Still, those who know and are already trading in the Indian stock market are already reaping numerous benefits.

Trading in the Indian share market occurs in stock exchange companies, namely the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). BSE and NSE use the same trading structures, implement the same settlement practices, and follow the same trading hours. Of the two, BSE leads in the competition in terms of the number of companies listed, but NSE leads in exchange volumes, making it one of the largest stock markets in the world.

One of the best features offered by NSE India to its investors is the ability to monitor current share prices in real-time. Currently, NSE is one of several stock exchanges that provide its patrons with the best online live market monitoring capabilities. The National Stock Exchange is even available in Hindi, so Indian nationals who speak Hindi and prefer to watch stock prices today live can still have access to the information they need.

What is the NSE India live market?

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Data in the stock market is fast-changing. Prices and trends of assets can shift rapidly within just a second. For online investors to get the most out of their capital, they must constantly be aware of various changes in the stock market. They need to keep track of the stock market in real-time.

NSE provides this capability to all its investors through the live market watch – indices watch feature. This element in the NSE website and app provide investors with a quick and easy way to monitor stock prices and check the current market trends. Updates and information are presented in real-time through charts and graphs.

Why monitor share prices?

Monitoring the live prices of shares in the online stock market is one way for investors to know when to invest in available assets. It keeps them in the loop on the status of Indian equity in the online share market. It also lets them know whether there is a new stock worth investing in or if they should participate in the online share trading market in a particular period.

Rates of shares in the online stock market can fluctuate almost every second, making it a challenge to perform well in live trading successfully. But keeping a close watch on the changes in live share prices can greatly help investors succeed in online stock trading. It also minimizes the possibility of losses and negative results.
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Overall, monitoring stock prices allow investors to do the following:

  • Plan their actions, especially when they are participating in a live trade.
  • Understand the beta factor of each asset.
  • Know the various changes in prices, value, and trends of assets, such as that OLA shares, Saham Assurance stocks, and many more.
  • Keep track of their trading status and the rate at which their investments are falling or rising.

Monitoring share prices also gives investors an idea of what happened to specific stocks and whether they would be worth investing in soon or should be avoided for the long haul.

Where to watch live prices on NSE today?

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Online traders can watch and monitor the live prices of stocks and assets in several ways. They can watch market news live on NSE or monitor stocks’ movement in live indices through this link. With the live indices watched on the NSE website, the public can picture what they are getting into when participating in online trading.

Basically, the website provides a list of the companies that offer securities or stocks for investments. It gives investors a live update of the going trends of each asset, allowing them to get an idea of which shares to buy today or which companies are top gainers or losers. Investors can use a desktop or mobile devices for this purpose.

The live share market or live indices watch is not the only feature that makes the NSE website excellent for its users. A quick tour of the site can take users and readers to various highlights, including market trading information, news today, investment opportunities for first-time investors, rules and regulations in trading, etc. Those who want to learn about trading can even access option trading courses to learn about online equity and trading live. Investors may even be able to download a report of the different market movements daily.

Note! The NSE live indices or live market watch is not the only means to watch live prices of stocks online. Other trading websites also offer their version of this capability so that investors can form their openian about the market.

How to learn to monitor the prices of stocks in the share market today

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Apart from trading in NSE stock assets and securities, there are plenty of other investment options for nationals and foreigners who want to invest their capital in India. One of these options is NSC or National Savings Certificate, a low-risk, fixed-income investment offering several huge benefits.

NSC India investors are guaranteed complete protection of their capital, and they are also most likely to earn a steady stream of interests. Despite the benefits of investing in NSC, many are still opting to invest in NSE stocks.

But as an investor, how will you be able to get the most out of the capital you allotted to NSE? Is NSE’s marketing overhyped? Are other people’s reasonable opinions of this stock exchange company too good to be true? Indeed, you will only know the answers to these questions if you invest in NSE stocks yourself. Of course, to get good results from your investment ventures, you need to learn how to monitor stock prices and be updated on the latest stock market news.

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Here are some points to remember when trying to learn how to monitor the ongoing prices of stocks in the NSE:

  • Go to and hover your mouse on Market Data in the navigation section. There you will see several links under Market Watch. You can click any of those for live monitoring updates of stock prices and current trends. You can also explore and look at daily market reports to see which assets have been done well in the past few days.
  • If you are a beginner with zero knowledge of trading, you can enroll in classes that offer trading courses in India. NSE India offers such programs that you can access on its website.

NSE India is not open on Saturdays or Sundays, so you will not be able to access its stock price tracker on such days. There may also be days when the tracker is down. You may get a message that says the “website is down today” in such cases.

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