What is
Fixed Capital
A business must understand what fixed capital is and its consumption (also called CFC); it plays a decisive role in production and affects the company’
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What is
Everything you need to know about derivatives
Derivatives are powerful tools used in today’s economy by traders and investors. But what are they, the types of derivatives, and how are they used? Let’
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difference between credit card and debit cardWhat is
The difference between credit and debit cards
We use bank cards every day in our life. But what is a debit card, and how is it different from a credit card? This article will precisely reveal answers
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what is swing tradingWhat is
Swing trading
In this article, we will provide an overview of swing trading, one of the popular short-term trading strategies. We will explain its basics, including
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fund flow and cash flowWhat is
Is there any difference between cash flow and fund flow?
Cash flow and fund flow are accounting terms that are often used interchangeably. However, these two differ, and understanding the nuances is essential
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moratorium periodWhat is
Moratorium period: what it is and why it is important
Sometimes, individual investors and companies can face situations when they feel difficulties with meeting their financial obligations. Usually, these
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npaWhat is
Everything you need to know about non-performing assets
While dealing with borrowing or lending with a third party, it is crucial to know what NPA is in banking. This helps identify how to deal with assets with
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contingent beneficiaryWhat is
What is a contingent beneficiary
One of the most crucial stages in purchasing a life insurance policy, establishing a bank account, or finishing your estate planning checklist is designating
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sbi small and mid capsWhat is
What are SBI Small and Midcap funds?
Some of the most popular types of online investment include stocks, mutual funds, bonds, small and mid-cap funds, securities, and more. This review will
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