An overview of the ICICI mobile app and its unique features

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Performing banking transactions on the go is essential for everyone these days. Hence, it is a boon that most banks and other financial institutions have adjusted their services to cater to the changing needs of their customers. One of the banks that had heeded the call and continue to develop new services and products for the benefit of its customers is ICICI Bank. It has developed its mobile app called iMobile to make it easier to perform transactions with only mobile phones.

About the ICICI mobile app

ICICI Bank is a financial services company and multinational bank that offers various financial services and banking products to both retail customers and big corporate clients. With its main office located in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, ICICI currently has a strong presence in 17 countries, including South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, to name a few.
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Some of the products and services offered by ICICI are the following:

  • Digital wallets;
  • Money transfers;
  • Time deposits;
  • Mortgages;
  • Loans;
  • Credit cards;
  • Debit and Prepaid cards;
  • Savings and Current accounts;
  • Tracking services;
  • Prudential Life Insurance;
  • Demat account;
  • Net banking.

iMobile or iMobile Pay is the official app of ICICI Bank. With the app, customers can efficiently perform any transaction regardless of where in the world they are. iMobile is available for download for Android, iOS and PC users, particularly those using Windows 8.1 or higher.

iMobile Pay is a comprehensive banking tool. It allows users to perform several types of transactions without ever worrying about the location. Currently, this app offers over 200 banking services, which can be done with just a mobile phone.

Note! iMobile is just one of several apps developed by ICICI Bank for its customers. The bank’s other equally unique applications are the ICICI Prudential Life Insurance mobile app and the ICICI Direct app.

Unique tools and features of the app

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The iMobile Pay app is packed with features and tools that make it one of the best and the first of its kind among all other mobile apps. Some of its notable features and tools include the following:

  • Effortless online payments. Customers can initiate payments online by simply scanning a QR code. They can use the app to pay for bills, online shopping, petrol pumps, and groceries.
  • No-hassle money transfers. Customers can quickly transfer money to their UPI IDs or any bank account. They do not even have to enroll accounts to transfer funds. They can also receive money easily from any bank account. Furthermore, they can schedule fund transfers on a regular basis.
  • Ability to link multiple bank accounts. Only one UPI ID is required for linking multiple accounts.
  • Open, view, and manage savings and current accounts, fixed deposits, credit cards, and PPF accounts. Customers can download statements, track recurring deposits, and manage their daily limits through the app. They can even pay their credit card billings through this app.
  • Access to online trading software. Being a comprehensive app packed with over 200 features, iMobile also allows users to invest online. With the m-app, customers can open an ICICI Demat account and engage in trading.
  • Seamless tracking of deliverables. It has an iTrack feature, which allows users to track their deliverables.
  • Hamburger. This is a tool in iMobile that allows users to group certain links for easy access.
  • Easy navigation. The app has a search feature that allows users to search for and find services easily.
  • Link, view and manage insurance policies. Customers may also pay their insurance premiums in iMobile.

Apart from these, iMobile also allows users to order new cheque books, recharge DTH and mobile phones, and speak directly to a customer representative should the need arises. All these features and many more can easily be found in the account holder’s dashboard.

Software for Windows

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iMobile is free to download on Android, iOS, and even Windows phones. It can also be downloaded and installed on laptops. Search for the app in Google Play or in AppStore to download.

The app can be downloaded free of charge for laptops or desktop users by first installing the Bluestacks software. Once installed, search for the Google Play store app. You may be prompted to log in to your Google Play store account before finding and installing the iMobile Play app by ICICI Bank.

How to log in via the ICICI app

You will first need to create an iMobile account before logging in via the application. For account creation, you need to follow these four steps:

  1. Apply online for an ICICI iMobile Pay account by registering the mobile number you are using on the app’s registration page. Make sure that the mobile number you will use in the registration process is the same number you registered with the bank upon opening an ICICI Bank account.
  2. Activate the application on your device. Activation can only be done on numbers registered with your bank account.
  3. Wait for a confirmation of the creation of your account. Confirmation of your application status may be sent through a text or SMS message.
  4. Log in to your account on the mobile app.

Login can also be done by visiting the official site: Similarly, you can log in to another app from the bank, ICICIDirect.

What are other apps developed by ICICI Bank

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Apart from iMobile Pay, ICICI Bank also has other remarkable apps that customers can download and use for their various banking or investing activities. While iMobile is the most comprehensive, ICICI Bank also offers other options, such as the ICICI Direct online trading platform with its own app.

The ICICI Direct mobile app is an online trading software that allows investors to trade in mutual funds, engage in SIP or Systematic Investment Plans, purchase health insurance, and participate in net banking. The ICICI Direct application can be downloaded from Google Play and AppStore.

Like iMobile and many other trading applications, you need to register and create an account first before you can start trading or engage with the ICICI web trade. The ICICI trading app is also available for Windows 8.1 devices. Login to the ICICI Direct online app is available only to registered users.

Note! It is always recommended to know the basic rules of trading before using the ICICIDirect online app or its desktop version. Trading is risky regardless of what application you decide to use.

The ICICI Prudential Life Insurance mobile app, on the other hand, is software that allows customers to take control of their insurance policies. With the app, users no longer have to physically go to the bank and wait in long queues to have their policy documents printed. Everything related to their ICICI Pru Insurance can be found and managed in the mobile app.


Before deciding on which ICICI online applications to use, think first about what you need the app for. Are you need it for the usual banking activities, such as managing savings, current, PPF, or credit card accounts? Do you need it for bill payments or funds transfers? Or do you want an app where you can create a trading account or manage your insurance?

Taking all these factors into consideration can help you make a sound choice on the best ICICI app to use. Although iMobile is already a comprehensive one, there may be features that you will find more helpful for your needs in the other available apps.

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