Intraday trading in ICICI Direct

ICICI Direct Intraday trading Strategies

Electronic trading has now become easier with online share trading platforms. ICICI Direct is one of the largest platforms trusted by 50+ LAC customers. It offers its users to benefit from its Intraday trading service, which gets completed within the same day.

In this article, we will talk about products like MarginPLUS and Margin Buy/Sell. Also, have a look at the limit criteria for intraday trading in ICICI Direct.

Intraday trading of ICICI Direct demo

icici direct margin
Here is a step-wise demo on how to do Intraday trading in ICICI Direct.

Step 1: Taking the help of a broker for your trading account

A Demat and trading account are the essentials for intraday trading in ICICI Direct. A Demat account allows holding all your securities and shares online. Hence, gone are the days when day traders used to pin their hopes on paper receipts. An online stock broker is now there to save you from that cumbersome process and shield you from the complexities of questions like “How to trade”?

Tip: To boost the result of your intraday trading, ICICI Direct will offer you a wide variety of tools from charting to analytics and research.

Step 2: Choose your stocks wisely

A far-sighted selection of your stocks can pay you dividends in the future. Before making your investment, analyze the performance of the related sector or index. It will give you a glimpse of the future trajectory of the stock.

After selecting, ensure that they are as per the market trends. For this purpose, you need to make an in-depth analysis and monitor the whole process. It will help you predict their reaction to the nature and sensitivity of the news.

Tip: Avoid investing in volatile stocks as they may not serve you well in the future.

Step 3: Use the brokerage calculator

icici brokerage calculator
A standard rate of brokerage applies for each buying or selling transaction. Before executing a trade, you can use an ICICI Direct calculator to determine the intraday brokerage charge. To use the application, enter the following values to know your intraday brokerage:

  • Buy and sell prices.
  • The total number of securities units.

Afterward, click the Calculate button. It will generate a report of charges associated with your investment.

Step 4: Understand entry and stop-loss strategies

Timing is the most crucial skill in intraday trading. You need to know the enter and exit strategy before starting your trade at ICICI Direct. The stocks are most volatile in the first half-hour session of trading. You need to enter at an appropriate time to mitigate the losses.

Also, understanding the stop-loss level is a must. It decides when you should exit the market. Opting to leave the market after the shift in market trends might not bode well for your stocks.

Tip: By setting your stop loss level, you can have a better profit ratio.

MarginPLUS ICICI Direct: A multi-faced utility

If you are worried about how to trade effectively, you must be thinking about reducing your losses in your intraday trades. Traders are given the option to benefit from MarginPLUS in ICICI Direct.
icici margin plus

Sailing your boat through a volatile market

During intraday trading, stock market volatility offers an arena of opportunities to capitalize on your investments. You might fear landing in trouble regarding your investment in a volatile market. It is where the ICICI Direct MarginPLUS facility comes to the rescue. It allows you to narrow the chances of having losses by giving higher leverage in equities trading.

Bridging the gap between Profit and Loss

One of the most distinguishing features of MarginPLUS is that you can place two orders simultaneously. It will allow you to ‘book profits’ and ‘stop-losses’ at the very instant. All you need is a limit price with a cover order that mentions your Stop Loss Trigger Price (SLTP).

Placing a stop-loss order simultaneously with the market order comes with a domino effect. It will reduce your risk and then decrease your margin requirement. It will act as a precursor for getting you higher leverage while trading.

Taking your gains out of trouble

It will protect your gains by providing its exclusive service of covering profit. This cover is placed at a price limit which gets executed automatically on reaching profit. Upon reaching the profit, the opposite order gets reversed. This handy application of MarginPLUS will save you from the trouble of continuously monitoring the markets.

Margin Buy/Sell ICICI Direct – Turning the tides in your favor

Being an intraday trader, capitalizing on small stock price fluctuations may seem a good choice to you. But, if you have your eyes on hitting the jackpot through these tiny fluctuations, you need a lot of capital. By using the Margin Buy/Sell product on ICICI Direct, you can get that additional capital for investment.
icici margin buy

Buy/Sell shares on margin

By using this exclusive product in ICICI Direct, intraday traders can buy and sell shares on margin. Either you can pay a small initial margin or leverage your investment (shares) as a margin facility.

A small initial margin but an exponential growth

By using the Margin Buy/Sell product on, you can buy more shares on a small margin.

Forget about the cash

Are you worried that your existing shares may get blocked due to the non-payment of the initial margin in cash? Use the option of Margin Product cashless trading in ICICI Direct. It will help you pledge your shares as collateral. Afterward, you can create positions in Margin Product.

Say goodbye to the fear of Loss

ICICI Direct Margin Product allows you to leverage the convert to delivery option. It will deliver your stock even if the trade does not move in your favor. You can generate instant limits in your Demat account by leveraging shares as a Margin facility to trade in Margin Product.

Limit for cash in ICICI Direct

A maximum cash limit of ₹10 lakhs per customer is allowed. This Cash on Spot offer is applicable daily. However, the ICICI Direct reserves the right to alter this limitation.


icici online commodity
By using the friendly interface of ICICI Direct for intraday trading, you are increasing your chances to have a better profit ratio. Moreover, the exclusively designed products like MarginPLUS and Margin Buy/Sell will assist you in building your confidence for the intraday trade activities.

In regular trading, there is always a risk. The Intraday trading in ICICI Direct deals only with immediate fallouts. You would be back to square one the next day. Hence, there is no need to worry about the loss associated with the previous day. However, the transactions of intraday trading in ICICI Direct get squared off within the same day. Hence, a certain level of risk capacity is there. By intraday trading in ICICI Direct, you earn profit or losses within the same day. If you expect your stock to generate profit and the market sentiment turns otherwise, you will have to risk the investment.

Come and untap the potential of intraday trading in ICICI Direct by opening your account today.

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