IQ Option trading strategies: Forex, RSI, and reversal patterns

iq option best trading strategy Strategies

IQ Option is undeniably one of the best binary trading platforms that offer investors digital and Contract for Difference (CFD) trading capabilities. It is also available for those who want to trade different assets simultaneously. However, it is necessary to use strategies for trading to bring results. In this article, we will talk about the best strategies or trading techniques presented on IQ Option.

What trading strategies are available on IQ Option?

iq option for beginners
IQ allows pro and novice traders to trade over 500 asset options, including stocks, commodities, currencies, indices, and many more. The trading platform is available for all devices running on macOS, Windows, and iOS. It also offers an excellent Android package (APK) for those using Android phone devices.

The IQ Option trading platform continues to rise in popularity due to its many excellent characteristics, including:

  • an intuitive, customizable interface;
  • supportive community;
  • 24/7 support;
  • instant withdrawals;
  • a wide array of payment systems.

These tools make it easy for beginners to get started on their trading journey.

Note! If you are a new trader, you can watch video tutorials on Bramesh Bhandari’s trading techniques. Bhandari, an educator, trading analyst, and trader himself, is known for his excellent binary options trading strategies.

IQ Option is especially an excellent platform for those who want to get into binary options trading. On IQOption, traders can find tools to help them predict the price movements of various assets, i.e. make better-informed decisions about how much to invest and when to open a trade.

Traders can use several IQ Option trading strategies to make profitable trades on the platform. On IQ Optionz, they can find indicators and oscillators to get real-time insights into market trends and forecast certain companies’ economic and financial trends. To better understand how to trade on the IQ Option trading platform, we will discuss some of the best strategies used to achieve the trading results below.

Note! You can read more about all the trading methods available on IQ Option in a special section or save your favourite strategies in PDF.

Forex trading strategy

iq option forex strategy
Users of the IQ Option platform can trade Forex. Forex trading refers to exchanging different international currencies to make a profit. In this trading type, currencies are often exchanged in pairs. For instance, the USD/Euro currencies are called an exchange rate pair when you exchange a USD currency for a European currency. Engaging in Forex trading is one way for traders to diversify their portfolios.

Forex trading can be quite difficult for individual investors. Fortunately, this no longer applies to trading on IQ Option. The intuitive interface of IQ Option allows investors to use an effective Forex trading strategy that maximizes their potential to earn a profit and minimizes probable loss. The best strategy to trade in Forex may not be since the market can fluctuate drastically. Still, traders can maximize their earning potential by performing a thorough market analysis before making any Forex trading transaction.

RSI trading strategy for IQ Option

iq option rsi strategy
The Relative Strength Index (RSI) trading strategy is used to pinpoint whether a particular asset is oversold or overbought. It uses the formula RSI=100-100/(1+U/D) to know the current value of an asset vs its previous values. In this formula, ‘U’ stands for the average value of positive price changes, and ‘D’ stands for the average number of adverse price changes.

With RSI, traders will be looking for price changes through a chart that consists of one single line set on two levels. The RSI trading strategy is one of the most reliable indicators for traders about asset price changes. The price signals it projects can help them make vital and effective forecasts.

Note! A trading strategy using RSI works excellent in combination with other technical indicators. It will help you avoid entering the trade too early.


iq option indicators
The IQ Option trading platform, along with the RSI strategy, has three indicators that help traders make informed decisions in their trading transactions. These indicators are Bollinger Bands, Alligator, and Moving Averages.

Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands, which are often used together with RSI indicators, are popular among pro traders. This indicator helps traders decide when to trade on a particular asset. Bollinger bands show investors whether an asset’s price is high or low on a relative basis.


Like all the other indicators on the IQ Options trading platform, Alligator helps investors identify a going asset trend. These lines represent an alligator’s jaw, teeth, and lips, respectively. The bars indicate that the alligator is in sleep mode when twisted together. It means that it is not time to open a trade yet. When the lines are untwined, it could mean movement of stock prices, either uptrend or downtrend.

Moving Average

Moving Average is an indicator that uses technical analysis. It allows investors to see a smoother price trend. It filters out unwanted data on short-term price changes. Moving Averages are often used to determine asset price direction and resistance levels.

Momentum trading strategy

iq option momentum strategy
It is another popular strategy used by the IQ Optionz platform users when trading. A momentum trading strategy helps investors identify the strength of a trend or the velocity of price fluctuations. With this strategy, traders can receive accurate and timely trading signals that can be used to decide whether to open a trade. Both beginners and professional users can use it without any difficulty.

Note! Remember that no strategy is winning initially. It works in conjunction with market analysis, your trading knowledge and the right tools.

Reversal patterns for binary options trading

iq option patterns
It is not enough to rely on acquired knowledge and skills to achieve trading results. You have to keep a keen eye on every detail of each trend. Remember, although the IQ Option platform provides the necessary tools to help with forecasting, they are not perfect and should not be used entirely for decision-making.

One of the essential details that you should keep an eye on while trading is the change in the direction of markets. Markets can rise and fall or fall and rise at any given moment. It is called a reversal pattern. There are specific reversal patterns for binary options trading on IQ Option. Three of the most basic include:

  1. Head and Shoulders pattern.
  2. Triple bottom.
  3. Diamond pattern.

Among the three basic reversal patterns, the Head and Shoulders pattern is the most popular. Traders use this to know a certain asset’s “Sell” potential. On the other hand, the triple bottom pattern is used by traders to get a “Buy” signal.

Note! You can trade on IQ Option through the website or app. It is available to free download from the Apple and Google app stores.

IQ Option trading strategies warning

iq option techniques
Making a decent profit in trading is never guaranteed. There is always a chance of losing. Various trading platforms such as IQ Option allow you to trade online. The result of trading depends on your ability to forecast how the price of an asset will change in a given period. You can probably reduce your losses by learning about the different strategies used in binary options trading.

Trading in favorable conditions, like on the IQ Option platform, can help to achieve positive results. Maximize your trading strategy with its products, tips, and resources. A strategy of risk planning is also of great importance while trading.

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