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NSE has become one of India’s biggest stock exchange markets for a good reason. Since its inception in 1992, it has launched several products and services meant to empower investors. One of the things that make it the biggest and the most trusted in the stock trading market is its ability to adapt quickly to the changing times, using technology to deliver what its customers aim to achieve.

As easy access and real-time monitoring are crucial in buying and selling stocks and securities, NSE remains a magnanimous player in the stock market with the help of its software for online trading – the NSE mobile app.

About the NSE mobile app

NSE mobile is a trading software owned by the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. This trading application allows NSE investors and day traders to monitor their portfolios seamlessly on their mobile phones.

With this NSE trading app, you can monitor real-time latest index readings, analyze current stock prices, closely monitor the top gainers and losses, and follow corporate announcements without opening their desktops or laptops. So, with just a mobile phone, you can invest and track your investments right now online.


NSE mobile trading app
To be able to use the NSE mobile trading app, you need to register first by filling up the form found. Once registered, you can start using the app to perform trading transactions and see which securities are best for investing your money.

Of course, you would need to download the app on your mobile device to enjoy using all its features. The NSE mobile app is available for download for iOS, Android, and Windows handsets. It can also be used on iPad and other tablet devices.

Ease of use

The NSE mobile app is packed with rich features that make it easy for users to trade and perform any form of online trading transaction. Designed with a seamless interface, it makes trading easy for beginners and professional traders alike. Everything a trader needs to start trading is on the app’s dashboard. Almost all the tools needed for trading are presented on the dashboard. All the users have to do is make the most of each one.

For instance, once the app is downloaded to the device, you can decide to make an initial investment by clicking the “Trade” button. If you want to see current market activity, clicking the “Market Data” button is a good option.

Analysis tools

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With the wide variety of stocks and securities found in NSE, it can be quite a challenge for investors to decide which ones will give them value for their capital. Fortunately, this predicament is cut short by analysis tools that allow investors to see which stocks are gaining, which ones are losing, and which ones have the potential to rise in value over time.

Some of the analysis tools that give investors an advantage on their market share journey are the following:

  • Oscillators. Investors use these tools to see whether assets, stocks, or securities are oversold or overbought. Oscillators use high and low bands to indicate extreme changes in the status of an asset.
  • Average directional index. This technical analysis indicator shows how strong a particular trend is. It helps traders decide whether to buy and hold an asset for the long term or short term or not at all.
  • Indicators. Traders use these tools to keep a close watch on the ongoing trends in the online share market. They help investors understand the direction and momentum of stock trends. For example, Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) helps investors to decide whether to buy or sell a particular asset.

Each type of analysis tool is further categorized into groups, but they are all used for one thing: to help investors decide when and where to pool their capital in the stock market.

Advantages and disadvantages of the NSE mobile app

No trading application is perfect. Therefore, it can be expected to find flaws in the NSE trading app apart from the various advantages. Here, we will discuss the different pros and cons of the app.
nse mobile app

The advantages

The benefits of using the NSE online trading app are vast. These include:

  • All transaction details are recorded and may be viewed in the order book (a feature found in the dashboard of the app).
  • No age restrictions on the use of the app. Any individual can use it for their purpose.
  • The app has an easy-to-use interface. Even beginners will be able to use the app with no hassle.
  • A “Ticker bar” allows users to stream through the various stocks.
  • A toll-free helpline number is available for those who need immediate assistance with their trading or any app feature.
  • The app shows the depth of the market in all types of segments.
  • Investors can monitor margin utilization and their portfolio on the app.
  • Fund transfers may be done within the interface.
  • Ability to create a market watch group.
  • Secure transactions.
  • Ability to choose from multiple trading options.

If you are not completely clear on how the application works, call the NSE’s toll-free helpline number and ask for advice from experts.

The disadvantages

Those who have used the NSE India mobile app have experienced some of these disadvantages:

  • Inability to convert from Margin Intraday Square (MIS) Off to cash and carry (CNC) position and vice versa.
  • The login process is quite lengthy, which can be inconvenient for investors, particularly those in a hurry or who need to log in to the app more than once within a particular period.
  • The NSE mobile app user interface and features are very basic compared to other online trading applications.
  • The app does not offer market news, expert advice, and many other features provided by other apps.
  • The app is loading slowly, which can interfere with trading.

Download the NSE mobile app

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There are three ways to download the NSE India software. These are the following:

Note! Those who choose to download the app from the official website will still be redirected to either Google Play or AppStore.

Is NSE mobile a good trading app?

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of the app, it can be concluded that the NSE software needs significant improvement. However, this is a good app for trading and tracking market trends.

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