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Buying and selling stocks has never been this comfortable before the trading apps. They come with convenient features that facilitate the traders in their trading activities. The most striking feature of this software is portability, which lets traders manage the investment portfolio even from their mobile devices or laptops.

Opt for the right kind of online trading software to analyze Indian share markets in-depth, track them, and trade in real-time. Kotak Securities Online Trading app is there to assist you in all these areas.

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  • Kotak Securities Online trading app.
  • Using the KEAT Pro X.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of the app.

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Is the Kotak Securities app free?

kotak trading app
The Kotak trading app offers four different kinds of Brokerage Plans depending on the type of its customers. Some of its features are free of cost, which makes it stand apart from other trading apps in the market.

It offers the following plans to its customers.

No Brokerage Plan

There is no account opening and account maintenance fee. The only basic regulatory fee of ₹499 +GST p.a. are charged. It offers the following services:

  • Intraday & F&O trades. If you are under 30 years old and want to buy and sell stocks on the same day without paying the Brokerage fee, this is the most optimum plan. Moreover, there are no charges for buying and selling your underlying assets at a pre-determined price.
  • Delivery Trades. It has no charges for Delivery Trades. Hence, beginners can vouch for more investment returns.
  • IPO & Mutual funds. There is no fee associated with IPO & Mutual Funds.

Trade Free Plan

Here are some of the features:

  • Free Intraday Trading. Here is an excellent intraday trading software offering to trade on all segments ranging from Equity (Cash) to its derivatives (F&O) and even commodity and currency. However, Kotak Securities would charge a nominal brokerage of only one paisa per scrip to adhere to statutory requirements.
  • Equity Delivery. The brokerage is charged at 0.25% of the transaction value for delivery trades in Equity (Cash).

Trade Free Max

Let’s take a look in detail:

  • Free Intraday Trades for all segments.
  • Equity (Cash) – 0.25% of the transaction value, subject to a minimum brokerage of ₹20.
  • All carry forward F&O, Commodity and Currency trades at ₹20 per executed order.
  • Margin Trading Facility (MTF)* with 7.75% per annum interest rates.

Dealer Assisted Plan

If you want to have an experienced professional to assist and manage your entire stock portfolio, you can take the help of Kotak’s financial advisors. By opting for the Dealer Assisted Plan, you can discuss the investment ideas and evaluate the profits and risk accordingly.

Where to download the online trading software?

kotak software download
Kotak Securities offer various trading apps to cater to the needs of each customer based on their investment. Let’s focus on the most prominent – KEAT Pro X. This intraday trading software gives the flexibility of trading from anywhere and thus enhances the trading experience.

The KEAT Pro X is compatible with Android and iOS. It can be downloaded free from Google Play Store and App Store.

How to set up KEAT Pro X?

After downloading the software, if you are already registered, enter your login credentials, followed by an access code. But if you are not registered, the system will ask for your name and 10 numbers of mobile phone to open an account.

You will then be navigated to a window with several options. The portfolio shows the current stocks that you have, also you can check up the Indicies, NIFTY 50, SENSEX, and so on.

The Kotak trading app gives you an opportunity to create your watchlists and edit the lists of preferred indices. It can be done by clicking on the upper-right corner.

You can explore various options through the online trading app of Kotak. Here you will find plenty of information about funds, option chains, markets, and dive into the research and news.

How to use KEAT Pro X?

kotak trading software
KEAT Pro X is an online trading tool that helps traders manage their buying and selling portfolios and monitor the market. It deals with online trading in NSE, BSE, and NSE currency markets and it allows its users to:

  • Make watchlists that matter to trade.
  • Deal in multiple stocks on a single screen.
  • Customize alerts that help in making decisions at the right time.
  • Work in multiple exchanges from one window.
  • Plan future trades through intelligent analysis and graphs.

Bring a game-changer experience by free downloading the KEAT Pro X software. Follow these steps to get started with the software:

  • Entering Credentials. You need to login into your trading account on www.kotaksecurities.com. If you are already a user, enter your user ID, password, and Security Key/Access Code. If you are a new user, you will be required to make your account first.
  • Navigating the Tabs. After entering the account information, the application will direct you to a page having various functional tabs. By clicking on the Tools tab, a drop-down menu will appear. Click on “Keat Pro X”.
  • Download Options. The Kotak online trading software comes with installation options for both Windows and Mac. Free download the software according to your requirements.

From placing orders and confirming trades online to customizing the user interface, all the remarkable features are available free of cost to the traders. They need to log in to the website, download the application and enjoy the unique experience of trading offered by KEAT Pro X.

Top features and benefits

kotak online trading
Kotak’s online trading application offers its users the following benefits:

  • Trading on a massive range of Indian shares

If you want to purchase an asset with an expected increase in value, you must be searching for trusted software that assists in trading long agreements. It helps in trading long contracts and facilitates the user to view live market depth and changing profit and loss. The traders can know the details about their investments and track the respective changes on the National Stock Exchange through the Kotak trading app.

  • Visual representation of trade through Charts

The Kotak online trading software comes with the exciting feature of online Charting. It is of great assistance when one needs to visualize the price action. They make identifying common and rare price patterns easy by plotting the historical market data of the underlying financial instrument through visual representation.

  • Multiple Watch lists

Watch lists help investors boost their online business by identifying trading opportunities, tracking their stock performance, and monitoring the popular stocks. The Kotak online trading app facilitates users to create multiple watchlists so that the traders can spread their portfolios in more than one market and analyze the stocks in different sectors separately. It also facilitates the users to create tab-wise access to the watchlists.

  • Research and analysis

People are often reluctant to invest in stocks that will give them losses. They may not be able to perform proper stock valuation by themselves. This online trading app helps by getting top-notch stock recommendations through the help of its certified researchers. Hence the beginners can figure out what to buy or sell at the moment.


kotak free download
Following are the loopholes in the Kotak Securities online trading app:

  • Not supporting trade in Cryptocurrency 

Whether you are a traditionalist who favors hard cash, or someone who is an investment enthusiast, cryptocurrency must have grabbed your attention. Due to its high return potential and the ease of accessibility and liquidity, people look for a platform that offers trading in cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, the Kotak trading app does not support this feature yet.

  • No Access to International Markets

The Kotak online trading software offers the traders the best opportunities with Indian Stock Exchanges. But its inability to provide access to the international markets narrows the scope for the people who want to do trading at domestic and international levels.


keatprox online
The Kotak trading app has changed the dynamics of online trading through its services. The pre-defined Watchlist based on advanced research will surely strengthen your trading profile. You get a comprehensive view across different sectors without risking the breach of your information. At the same time, the real-time trade reports will assist you in tracking your gains and losses.

However, you cannot ignore that the Kotak online trading app does not serve justice when it comes to cryptocurrency. With no access to international markets, it may limit your trading options.

Also, when people newly start with trading apps like Kotak, they do not consider that they can face losses too. Always be mindful that you do not invest more than your risk tolerance. Careless investments can lead to heavy losses, so always do your homework before putting your hard-earned money at stake.

Unravel the unique experience into the online trading world by free downloading the KEAT Pro X trading software. The right mindset and effort can yield you very fruitful profits!

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