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ICICI Bank is one of the largest banks in India, with millions of satisfied customers around the country, providing quality services for decades. ICICI Bank maintained its name to be one of the best banks in India. Here is an article covering a quick look over the direct calling services to ICICI Bank, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Why do customers call customer service?

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Here are the reasons people mostly reach out to the helpdesk. Below mentioned are some of the significant reasons behind calling ICICI.

Get the information

ICICI Bank offers several valuable services, such as the ICICIdirect online trading platform with the popular Demat account or its Prudential life insurance plans. It can be tricky to understand how the ICICI Demat account works in conjunction with the trading account or how foreign funds are transferred/received, i.e., Canada, the USA, etc. Customer service is always here to get you covered.

Complaints about ICICI services or products

Customers sometimes express dissatisfaction with the ICICI support and talk about it openly. Good customer service can change a user’s mind from “How can I get a refund” to “I’m happy with the decision”. The common areas for customer dissatisfaction are website design, on-call customer support, and in-bank services.

Difficulty in using ICICI services, products, or website

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Customers can get confused with the offerings of the ICICI Bank. Some customers claim their prudential life insurance policy lapsed due to incomplete information. Customers also sometimes have trouble operating/activating and setting their credit cards.

Want to discuss customer’s expectations

Before clients invest in the Demat account ICICI trading platform or use other advanced services, they want to make sure that their investments are safe and that they can rely on ICICI Bank. Customers will ask questions to ensure that the services of ICICI are comparable to the other providers in the market.

How customer services deal with a client’s call can differ between retaining or losing a customer. Most customers will proceed with account opening if they are satisfied with customer care.

ICICI helpline number

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Valued clients of the ICICI Bank can contact them 24×7 through their customer care number. The ICICI Bank’s contact toll-free number is “1860 120 7777”. You can call them whenever you have any queries; they will be entertained well on the ICICI Direct customer care number.

ICICI email

Some people prefer contacting customer care through the given email address. You can reach them through the ICICI Direct customer care email. Choose the following support email addresses depending on which ICICI service you use. For example, you can email ICICI Direct customer support at As for the ICICI Bank customer service, the information is only on the site’s official page.

You will get a written solution to the issue you are facing. You can escalate the issues to higher authorities if primary customer care gives no explanation.

Complaints and Feedback

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ICICI Bank has a separate segment on its website to handle complaints to solve customer problems. You can fill up the complaint form by visiting this link. Here you will find three levels, each level consisting of a downloadable document and an email where you can submit your complaint and feedback about the bank so that your problem can be solved ASAP.


Registered Office: ICICI Bank Tower, Near Chakli Circle, Old Padra Road, Vadodara 390007, Gujarat, India. Baroda is the second-largest city in the Indian state of Gujarat. ICICI has its corporate administrative center there.


While the headquarters are in Baroda, ICICI operates in all the states across India, such as Maharashtra, Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, and Andra Pradesh. ICICI has several customer-dealing branches in Mumbai, Delhi, and Rajkot.

Corporate office address

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The ICICI Bank operates across India, ranging from major cities to the country’s far corners. The exact address of their headquarters is; ICICI Bank Tower, Near Chakli Circle, Old Padra Rd, Vadodara.

But they have central offices in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi. There are also branches in lesser significant cities like Vizag and Coimbatore. Customers all across India can benefit from their services. Furthermore, they have a robust customer care system, where customers are welcomed every hour of the day. Customers can reach out through the website, email ID, and calls as well.

Ask iCommunity

If you have any questions about the stock market, you can easily ask them in the Ask iCommunity. You can ask questions about the ICICIdirect online trading platform, how to trade online, and the procedure to open a trading account, and expect help from experienced clients. You will also build contacts with pioneers in your industry and solve your problems simultaneously.


icici customer service
Like any other financial activity, online trading of stocks and dematerialization of assets with ICICI entails risks. Keeping aside the risks of trading, ICICI itself has some concerning policies. It indulges in proprietary trading. The bank uses their clients’ money to trade, and in the unfortunate case they face an unexpected loss, it can hit the client too.

Another risk factor is margin trading. It allows clients to trade while partially paying the traded amount and paying the rest later. If the number of defaulters in margin trading increase, it can hit the bank negatively.

Reviews about their services are primarily positive by both clients and employees. But the few things that have been highlighted in customer reviews are a poorly designed website and untrained on-call representatives. The best-rated features of the bank are their ATM availability and Internet banking. People were also happy about the ICICI trade and prudential life insurance. Overall, it is a safe and well-reputed option for banking and trading in India.

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