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Stock trading is a popular form of growing capital among many investors. Today, India has over 200 stock brokers listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). With so many brokers, choosing the best one for your investment and share trading is complicated. Among the top 200 brokers, HDFC Securities Limited occupies a special place, one of the most reliable, secure and proven platforms in India.

What is HDFC Securities?

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HDFC Securities Ltd is a stock brokerage company founded in 2000. A part of the HDFC Group, it holds its main office in Mumbai. Some HDFC Securities offices are located nearby in Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Indore, Jaipur, Pune, Thane, and Vadodara.

There are also HDFC ERGO General Insurance branches in Mysore, operating under the parent company’s common logo (.png) and offering favourable insurance policies for individuals and corporations. For example, Property & Miscellaneous Insurance Policy. On this site, you can see the nearest HDFC Securities branch to you:

Note! Its share price depends on the products and services it offers. Indians, as well as NRIs, can buy HDFC Securities Limited unlisted share price.

Being a subsidiary of HDFC Bank, the platform has access to the Money Market Desk or mDesk, which helps to trade various debt market securities, including the Government of India Securities. But the trading platform vs HDFC Bank does not have a Dealer Finance Portal providing all kinds of financial services to dealers. Its assignment is to provide a unique place for investment and trade.

HDFC Securities is not just a reputable online trading platform but also a distributor of financial instruments, such as mutual funds, savings and current accounts, equity, life insurance, ulip online, and more. HDFC Securities Ltd provides trade loans to investors and fixed deposits (FD) online, products that can be held at a fixed period with an opportunity to earn fixed interest rates. With HDFC Securities, you can invest directly online in the Forex market by trading in currency derivatives without Asset Management Professionals (AMP).

Note! The official website of the company is Click on Open a Trading Account to invest and trade on the HDFC Securities online.

HDFC Securities products and services

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HDFC Securities is an important part of the market, offering a wide range of products: Mutual Funds, Insurance, NPS, Investment Advisory, Personal Loans for Indians, Derivatives, Equity, Margin, and Fixed Income. HDFC provides clients with the following online services: life insurance with the max favorable policies; сommodity, equity, and derivatives trading; investing in PPF, ETFs, IPOs, NFOs, and mutual funds (MF) with SIP online.

HDFC Securities has also created a unique Call N Trade service. Their Centralized Dealing Desk operates 24 hours to meet clients’ trading and investment needs. You can buy or sell assets with 1 call. Contact the toll-free phone number (local prefix code) 33553366 or 022-49360600 and get started.

For example, commodities trading is available on the HDFC platform. Connect the Centralized Dealing Desk at 022-49360777 and speak with Commodity Executive Dealers to place orders. You can learn more about the service on this page of the HDFC website. However, remember that trading transactions may be charged a commission (e.g., Net Po From Hsl in HDFC Seq).

Note! HDFC Corp offers the opportunity to earn more through the HDFC ATM franchise program. Individuals or corporations may receive monthly rentals for HDFC ATM installation in their space.

Brokerage Plans

The plans are suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. Apart from the Standard brokerage plan, HDFC Securities also offers two types of Value plans to reduce Equity Delivery brokerage to 0.10%, Equity intraday to 0.010% and charges only ₹20 per order for Derivatives trades. Сlcik on the link to find out the benefits of each plan.

Also, a Demat account is often required for online investments, Forex trading, and other financial transactions on HDFC. Brokerage charges in HDFC Demat account are ₹20/- per Contract on carrying forward the trade and ₹10/- each side on square up of trades (statutory and other charges to be levied separately).

How to start investing in HDFC Securities Ltd?

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HDFC Securities offer the best way to invest in the share market online. You can visit the official website and open a trading account.

You can also download the smart mobile app if you wish to e-trade online with HDFC Securities while on the go. To register, fill out the form and input all the required details. Follow the given instructions for faster registration.

Any resident of India can open an online trading account in HDFC, provided they can present all required documents. Residents of Canada and the US may also open an HDFC Securities account as long as they are physically present in India during account opening and as long as they can present all required documents. For the comprehensive list of required documents for account opening, you may visit its website or call its customer service center to speak to an agent.

After opening an account, your question, “Can I invest in ELSS and other assets” will be resolved. If you are a beginner, you will also find it helpful to study the trading guides, including the pair trading strategy. In addition, the FAQ section will help you understand how to edit the trade order in HDFC; learn the steps to invest in mutual funds; what are spread trading strategies, including straddles, time spreads, and vertical spreads; how to generate the trading account password online, etc.

You can reduce investment risks by taking out the Click2Invest ULIP insurance policy on HDFC Life. In this policy, the policyholder bears the risks in the investment portfolio. The list of online payment options to pay the premium instantly is available here. But remember that switching charges may apply when you switch between fund options.

How to invest in Mutual Fund with SIP

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A smart mode of investing in mutual funds online is a Systematic Investment Plan or SIP. It does away with the need to time the market. You invest a certain pre-determined amount in a specific HDFC MF scheme regularly – be it weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. For example, you can invest in HDFC small-cap fund. You can also refer to HDFC MFSIP reckoners online to choose the best mutual funds for your investment.

The HDFC Securities platform allows investors to securely store their Mutual Fund (MF) investment records by giving them just one folio number, even if an investor holds more than one MF account. With a folio number, every mutual fund is safe.

Note! On the SEBI website, you can find Scheme Information Documents such as HDFC Fixed Matuiry Plans 1155D, HDFC Top 100 Fund, HDFC Tax Saver Fund, HDFC Small Cap Fund and others.

How to invest in ELSS online

You can invest in ELSS online, an investment scheme that works like a mutual fund (MF) and allows you to save on taxes. An ELSS investment gives investers higher returns within three years of a short lock-in period. You can watch educational videos and tutorials on the procedure to invest in ELSS.

How to invest in NPS

HDFC Securities offers the National Pension Scheme service. You can voluntarily invest your money regularly to build a retirement corpus. The NPS investment assures you a lifetime pension and tax savings and that your family is taken care of after death.

If you want to invest in NPS online with the HDFC Securities website, you must open an account on the official website. Upon registration, you may be required to send the completed registration form and other required documents to the HDFC Securities office.

How to invest in PPF

Public Provident Fund is an excellent long-term investment for 15 years. It is a fixed-income product with tax benefits and guaranteed long-term returns. The first thing to do to invest money in PPF online is to ensure that you have an HDFC NetBanking account. If you do not have an account, open one. Just follow the instructions on the HDFC Bank website (click here).

Certain documents may also be required, so feel free to visit their website for a comprehensive list of requirements. Once you have a NetBanking account with HDFC Bank, you can start investing in PPF online.

Note! HDFC Bank security is top of the line. The company constantly updates its security features to ensure each investor experiences safe all transaction types. You can also buy cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin (BTC), with any Indian bank card.

Pros and cons

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Like many other trading platforms in India, HDFC Securities has pros and cons.


  • Round-the-clock access. You can trade and invest in HDFC MF, IPO, PPF, Equity, and other instruments online 24/7.
  • Trading app.HDFC has its app through which you can invest in gold, mutual funds, and other assets, place orders in equities and derivatives, and receive stock quotes on the go.
  • Research division. HDFC’s research experts analyze data and charts for trading signals and price patterns to identify investment opportunities (such as SIP Ideas). This data is available in the Research section.
  • Market Wath. You can always see the share price in real-time, thanks to HDFC Markets Today.
  • Useful online tools such as HDFC Securities margin calculator. Just click “Know your Margin” to calculate the margin requirement to place the order. You can even use the BMI calculator.
  • Trading Flexibility. HDFC allows you to place cover orders, meaning investors can simultaneously place two conflicting orders for the same scrip.
  • Referral program. You can earn extra on the platform by becoming a partner of the HDFC Securities Franchise referral program.
  • Access for everyone. NRIs have the same access to the platform as Indian traders.
  • All-in-one. Linked Savings + Demat + Trading account offering seamless movement of funds and shares.
  • Network of branches throughout India. Specialised signature HDFC Securities Limited branches handling Private Banking and other customers.

If you want value investment, trading with HDFC Securities is a smart choice.


The following are the cons of using HDFC Securities as a brokerage in stock trading:

  • Brokerage trading charges in HDFC may be higher compared to other stockbrokers.
  • The HDFC Securities trading platform has a limited number of free monthly transаctions; after that, a fee is charged for each one.
  • Your trading account may be blocked if it has not been active for some time (12 months).
  • You cannot trade binary options because they are illegal in India.

It is also worth emphasizing that HDFC has few branches across the country, but the ATM centers are moderate (more than 3,000 branches and 11,000 ATMs in cities in India).

Is HDFC Securities good for online trading?

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If you are thinking about which broker to choose, how do I, my recommendation to you is to note HDFC Securities Ltd. It has always been a good platform for many investors and traders to buy or sell stocks online. Join HDFC Securities and trade shares, currency options and derivatives, invest in mutual funds online, and do DIYSIP in shares & ETF in a couple of minutes. However, HDFC Securities also have its drawbacks. You should always consider them when trading to avoid losing your investment.

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