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A subsidiary of HDFC Bank, HDFC Securities is a leading stock broking company in India. It has an extensive array of services, from online trading to providing different investment strategies and digitizing them for its valued customers.

Have a crisp view of how you can solve your complaints by contacting Customer support, calling the helpline, and communicating through your email ID.

HDFC Securities helpline

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Since its inception in 2000, it has served a customer base of institutional and retail clients. While keeping the customers’ satisfaction as its top priority, HDFC Securities has maintained its bar of services exceptional. Over time, it has progressed and thrived with its extensive network of branches all over the country. You can call 022 3901 9400 with the region’s respective STD to talk to the customer care agents.

Maharashtra state

This full-service broking company has a team of professionals in the South West and Southern Locale. The highly skilled and professional staff is available 24×7. They help solve any issue, from opening an HDFC account to addressing your grievances about services. You can call on the contact number for assistance.

Whether you are from the financial capital, i.e., Mumbai, or a resident of Nashik or Aurangabad, you can call the HDFC customer care phone number to get help.

Those who belong to the southern states should also not feel neglected. The customer care representatives at Bangalore and Trivandrum will be happy to assist you in addressing your queries.

North Region

Suppose you live in one of India’s largest metropolitan areas, i.e., Delhi, and want to keep pace with online trading and its derivatives. The customer care phone facility of HDFC Securities is there to get you out of trouble. HDFC plans to extend in the North-East Assam to provide its seamless online trading platform and other financial services. Call the toll-free number of the helpline to clear your ambiguities.

West Bengal

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HDFC has its presence in one of the dominant urban centers of India, Kolkata. Moreover, it has an entire staff of trained professionals in Raipur. Suppose you want to know about the market trends related to the equity market or want information about mutual funds or other services. In that case, HDFC Securities customer care will assist you in all matters.


This trusted brokerage firm has its office in Surat. The residents of the West Indian States can benefit from their services. In case of any queries, there is no need to worry. You can get a solution to your problems related to the services of the HDFC Securities by customer care staff.

HDFC crossing the geographical boundaries

The mixed pricing model for each segment and its unique online trading services have succeeded. After gaining the confidence of HDFC Bank customers country-wide, its subsidiary-HDFC Securities grabbed the attention of international clients and has its branch in Dubai. This HDFC multiple-investment platform lets you open an NRI account through which you will also have a free trading and Demat account.

Email address

If you prefer to get the assistance of the customer care agents by communicating through email, you can send a complaint and query to Write your concerns along with your mobile number and city of residence. It will make it easy for the customer care representative to get back to you if you do not keep track of your email ID.

How to speak to HDFC customer care agent?

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Suppose you wonder how can one assist customer care in solving problems related to HDFC. You can talk to the customer care representatives for all types of queries and complaints. You can ask how to proceed with online trading, life insurance, personal loans, or even the HDFC voucher redemption process.

HDFC Life Insurance Plan

HDFC offers various life insurance plans under the categories of Term Plan, Investment Plan, and Retirement Plan. You can find detailed information on the official website If you want constant support and financial cover in different stages of life or trying to boost your savings by stock investment, feel free to speak to their representatives by calling the HDFC Life customer care number at 1800 266 9777 or email

HDFC Personal Banking & Netbanking Services

Apart from trading over the internet, the company offers various investment strategies and financial services to its customers. It provides loans for different purposes. For example, you want to build your dream house and look for a minimum interest rate with a flexible repayment tenure. You can talk to the home loan customer care to address your concern by calling the helpline: 1800 202 6161 or 1860 267 6161. HDFC bank customer care is accessible across India.


HDFC Securities is a trusted financial service intermediary in India. It provides its clients with online trading, investment, insurance, banking services, etc. It is enough to open a Demat account or a trading account to take advantage of these benefits. If you have any questions about using the system, you can always contact HDFC support. Its 24x7customer assistance lets the users have a hassle-free experience with its services.

By keeping in mind all the advantages and risks, you can begin the journey of enjoying the brokering and financial services by signing up for

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