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BSE India is one of the world’s oldest in the stock exchange industry. It is a pioneer stock exchange company in India and entire Asia. Although it started humbly in 1875, with no permanent building to hold office in, it rose above the competition and gained innovative success.

Today, after 143 years and counting, it can be considered one of the world’s best stock exchange companies. BSE India is always open to innovation, which is probably one of its best characteristics. The advent of new technologies has made BSE more attractive to investors by creating the mobile’s online trading software.

About the BSE mobile trading app

bse mobile app
The BSE mobile is a trading app created by BSE India to make it easier for more people to invest in the share market online. With this mobile app, users can now perform trading activities even when they are on the go. Named the BSE Electronic Smart Trader or BEST, the app offers users the following features:

  • Monitor and track the market in real-time.
  • Streaming quotes for Sensex stocks.
  • Access to BSE SME Platform quotes.
  • Create your own Portfolio and Watchlist to track investments.
  • Use charts and graphs to facilitate intraday trading and monitor historical OHLC (open, high, low, close) data.
  • A variety of payment gateways make it easy to pay, replenish trading accounts or withdraw funds.
  • Supports multiple languages: Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu, and more.

Anyone with a mobile device can download the app anytime as long as they can meet all the system requirements.

Advantages and disadvantages of the BSE app

bse trading app
Anyone who has been into trading for quite some time would know that trading in any trading app has several advantages and disadvantages. The BSE Electronic Smart Trader app also has its ups and drawbacks.

Advantages of the BSE trading app

First, let us discuss the advantages that the BSE India mobile app offers its users. Some of the good things about this app are below:

  • BEST can be downloaded for free on any Android or iOS device.
  • Investors can get updates on market trends in real-time through this app.
  • Easier monitoring of stock prices, fluctuations, and more because they are presented in comprehensive charts and graphs.
  • Executing orders on different exchanges all at the same time.
  • Managing your order and trading activities.

The app is easy to use for investors, even for beginners.

Disadvantages of the BSE trading app

The BSE trading app has several download requirements that may prevent some from entirely using its features. It means that not everyone can use this app for their trading activities when they are on the go. For instance, to download this trading app on a mobile device, you must have one with at least 8GB of RAM.

This online trading software also does not work if the mobile device does not have an Internet connection. In fact, it requires at least an Internet bandwidth of around 2mbps to download and use this application without any problem.

BSE online trading software free download

bse app download
Anyone who wants to download the BSE app for free can do so after making sure that the device they are using meets all the requirements necessary for the system’s smooth operation:

  • The device must have an Intel ® i3 or i4 processor.
  • Internet bandwidth of at least 2mbps.
  • Hard drive with a minimum of 80GB SATA/SAS.
  • The device must run in a 64-bit Windows7 operating system.
  • The device must have the latest Windows updates upon download of the app.
  • At least 8GB SDRAM memory.

Users whose devices meet all the download requirements can visit the official website www.bseindia.com, Google Play, or App Store to install BEST for free and start investing and trading.

Should you use the BSE India mobile app?

Overall, BEST is an excellent mobile app for trading various assets online. It has helped many investors make big decisions on their trading activities because of the features that allow them to monitor the market live. However, like many other online trading software, the BSE app may fall short of other people’s expectations, especially regarding their trading needs.

Therefore, if there are doubts about the quality and reliability of this mobile trading app, it is better first to study its pros and cons and test it for your needs. Only then can you decide if this app is really what you need and not other trading applications available on the market.

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