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5Paisa is one of the fastest-growing discount brokers in India. In the review we will learn about its services, the domains 5Paisa operates in, and look at the customer reviews.

About 5Paisa Capital Limited

5paisa capital
5Paisa Capital Ltd derives its name from a 5 paisa coin. This coin is also imprinted in its logo. On the contrary, 5Paise Capital Limited has a net turnover of more than 30,000 Cr and a market cap of 926 Cr, way more than just INR 5 paise. The market cap ranks it among India’s top 10 financial brokers. But what is the secret behind their success?

5Paisa provides a cutting-edge online trading platform along with innovative pricing plans. They boast a plethora of satisfied clients, and as of date, their client base has increased to above 2 million active customers and counting.

It helps the 5 Paisa company to stand out from other online trading brokers and reach where they are today.

Company details

5paisa company
5 Paisa enables clients to invest and trade stocks. It also provides users with a number of financial services such as online Share Trading, Mutual funds investments, Insurance, Research Products, Commodity and Currency Trading, Digital Gold, Robo Advisory, Personal Loans, and more.

In terms of services, 5Paisa plans start with a nominal price of ₹20 for each transaction regardless of the commodity you choose to trade. 5Paisa pricing is their key differentiator, offering low-cost affordable trading services with no fixed monthly charges.


5paisa online
5Paisa Capital Ltd has won multiple awards, including the following:

  • Moby’s award for the “Best digital startup of the year 2018” and the “Best trading app award in 2019”.
  • A Global Marketing Excellence Award for “Brand Excellence in Broking Industry/ BF Sector” in 2019.
  • ET Now award for “Emerging Company of the year 2020” & “Best fintech product, 2019- ABP News – BFSI Award.

It once again proves that 5Paisa is one of the best brokers in the share market in India.


5paisa reviews
Suraj Redhu, Bahadurgarh, India:

Hello Guys, I am a student, and I have been trading on 5Paisa Capital Ltd for the last 3-4 months. Its Trade Station 2.0 desktop app is great. It takes Rs.20 charge for intraday closing. The money is kept in the app for that time, and withdrawal takes 1 or 2 days after I sell shares. This app gives referral income also.

Munish, Pune, India:

I joined Five Paisa Capital Ltd very recently and I am going to share my experience with you. On Quora, I saw a comparison of two well-known brokerage platforms in India, IDBI Paisabuilder and 5Paisa. I carefully studied the reviews and choose the 5Paisa brokerage plateform. I opened an account with 5 Paisa as there was a Google Pay Offer where you get Rs five hundred in a Trading account and trade for 1 month with no flat brokerage.

The cool thing about 5 paisa is the VTD order (Valid Till Date). It enables you to buy a stock at a price whenever it hits. For me, it’s a great app and has become a primary platform.

Raj, Mumbai, India:

It’s a very safe and stable app for trading, and 5Paisa online investment for Mutual funds is easy to use. Also, I get live updates on the NSE/BSE indices and the latest stocks/share market, and more. Really good and useful app.

John Cristy, Annamalai Nagar, India:

I have been associated with 5Paise Capital Limited for the past three years. As a gadget geek, I have tried several trading platforms in the past five years. I use 5Paisa for stocks and get updates on the share price of the companies on my mobile app. I also get “Share price today” reminders for the shares in the Watchlist and more.

I have traded on various company shares on desktop as well as mobile applications and in most cases, the desktop version works fine but has issues with mobile apps like India Infoline as we know it.

If I talk more about technology, I found 5Paisa Capital Ltd to be the best among all. It is great in terms of security and easy to put buy and sell orders on. 5 Paisa delivers real-time, streaming quotes for all financial instruments including brokerage stocks, Derivatives Currencies, and is very suitable for a trader looking for Live Market data in an app. Analysis, live stock tips, and opinions help investors get relevant information at the right trading time to enable them to trade better. You can also sync live watchlists across all your devices.

Sanjay, Gandhinagar, India:

Earlier, I used to trade with Zerodha, but I have been using 5Paisa services for the past eight months. It’s easy to sell shares on the 5 Paisa trading platform. I am satisfied with their services in brokerage and quick reply/solution to my issue in the share market, etc.

Comparing 5Paisa vs Angel Broking and Zerodha, the 5Paisa Trade Station 2.0 platform is the best among all other discounted brokers. Especially in brokerage (charge the lowest – flat fee of 20 per order; commission 0 for investments in mutual funds) and customer support. 5Paisa provides mutual funds, online trading, and insurance services, thus helping me to track all my investments in a single go.

5Paisa trading software and mobile app are among the best in the market through which you can track the share price, do deep analysis, and help invest your money in the right shares. Out of 5Paisa and Zerodha, I will recommend 5pesa to everyone.

Products & Services

5paisa trading platform
5Paisa trading platform offers Stocks, IPOs, commodities, Currencies, Mutual funds investments, Insurance, Research Products, Digital Gold Investments, Robo Advisory, and Personal Loans along with US stock trading options.

5Paisa is one of the first discount brokers in India to provide portfolio advisory services, which aims to deliver consistent long-term results. You can also get a 5Paisa partner login by filling out some online forms and earning rewards on each referral post login.

New clients can register on the 5Paisa website or app. Old customers have a different path. The back office for 5Paisa is available at https://www.login.5paisa.com/. A user ID is used for logging in to 5Paisa: an email ID or a client ID and a previously set password. Investors can use their credentials to log into the back office. Links are available here for changing plans, investing in mutual funds, IPO news, etc.

The share price of 5Paisa Capital Ltd

5paisa share price

5Paisa Capital Limitedshare is trading on NSE at ₹315.95. For the past 1 year, 5Paisa shares have seen an upper limit of ₹525 and the lower circuit of ₹275.

Research, Advisory & Stock Tips

5 Paisa Capital Ltd offers research, advisory, and share tips for investors. The research package costs INR 1600/month. 5Paisa service is especially beneficial for people new to the share market and the general trading world who want to invest wisely.

Features of the 5Paisa trading platform

5paisa trade
The main features of the 5Paisa desktop trading plateform include:

  • A multi-product app: 5Paisa offers a feature-packed mobile app for online investment and trading stocks, gold, mutual funds, commodities, etc. It is highly beneficial for users who wish to diversify their portfolios and do not want to keep all eggs in one basket. It will also help trade on 5 Paisa anywhere and keep track of your investments at any time.
  • The 5Paisa lumpsum calculator: This tool is designed to calculate the expected return for the entire investment period for investments in mutual funds on the www.5paisa.com website. Thanks to the 5Paisa lumpsum calculator, investors can plan their finances based on the expected profit at the end of the period.
  • Margin Funding: The 5Paisa Demat account provides the facility of margin trade funding at a nominal rate of 0.06% per day.
  • Ultra Trade Pack: 5 Pisa offers their value pack for which you can get the first 100 trades for free. The 5Paisa brokerage fee is 10 per executed order from the 101st trade for all segments.
  • Research and Stock Tips: With the 5Paisa Trade Station, users get the most accurate broadcast of stock prices with all the necessary charting tools required for profitable trading. They also provide trading tips based on research for more than 4000 companies. It enables users to trade the right stocks and learn from the masters in their domain.
  • The 5Paisa FinSchool: This school is a ticket to financial independence. It is 5 Paica’s initiative to train traders, where they take various courses related to finance and investment. 5paisa helps people become financially independent, so their school is entirely free. 5paisa is a truly reliable partner in helping beginners understand the basics of investing.

These benefits have helped many investors build their careers and teach them how to trade profitably.

Support and Customer Care Number

5paisa contact
5 Paisa takes care of its investors. There are several ways to contact 5Pice customer support:

  1. The head office of 5Paisa is located at the following address: IIFL House, Sun Infotech Park, Road no. 16V, Plot no. B-23, MIDC, Thane Industrial Area, Wagle Estate, Thane, Maharashtra – 400604.
  2. The support desk helpline is toll-free: 8-976-68-97-66
  3. Email: compliance@5paisa.com and support@5paisa.com

The 5Paisa customer care is available online for any questions that arise around the clock. Thanks to the detailed FAQ, 5Paisa investors can also always study information about the company and its products. It’s like a Wiki that gives a base on how to sell shares on 5Paisa.

News & Updates

5paisa news
Representatives of Five Paisa Capital Ltd often appear in the Indian news and report on their successes:

  • 5 Pesa aims to onboard 3 lakh new customers a month, says CEO Gagdani – Source: The Hindu (December 22, 2021).
  • 5Paisa Capital Consolidated December 2021 Net Sales at Rs 80.05 crore, up 61.51% Y-o-Y – Source: Money Control (February 7, 2022).
  • 5Paisa collaborates with Neobank Dinero – Source: ISB Intelligence (December 8, 2021).
  • 5Paisa to Partner With Tavaga To Provide Investment Advisory – Source: BW Disrupt (January 24, 2022).

Do not forget about the news and updates within the p5Paisa platform itself, which provides its investors with complete and up-to-date information about changes in the stock market.


5paisa broker
In the 5Paisa review, we highlighted the main points of what the company does and the services it provides in the financial market. So, is 5Paisa a great platform to invest and trade? Without a doubt, for anyone looking for investments in stocks, mutual funds, commodities, gold, IPOs, and more. It is an excellent brokerage service provider. What differentiates them from any other platform in the market is the stock tips and minimum per trade fee structure. This helped 5Paisa a lot, as evidenced by the level of growth in such a short time.

But you should not only see the image of how you will get rich thanks to the 5Paisa broker. There is always a level of risk that’s involved in the stock market. So, never put all your eggs in one basket and diversify your portfolio.

Alex has over 9 years of experience in the financial markets. He has worked with various financial firms globally and has expertise in technical and fundamental analysis. Alex has fulfilled various roles in his 9 years of experience and has worked as an investment advisor, financial analyst, risk management officer, manager of financial planning, and compliance and internal control officer.

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